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Do you have a selection guide for phase converters vs. VSDs etc?

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The simple table below can be used a guide to select the most appropriate electrical power solution for your circumstances. Just answer questions in numerical order until you locate a suggested solution. As with all such guides it is not perfect but you are welcome to contact us if you need more help.

 The general message is that remotoring and/or installing an inverter drive might suit the simpler and/or single machine workshops, but that a phase converter will suit a wider range of machinery. If buying a phase converter it is almost always worth stretching your budget to a rotary phase converter rather than a static.

Table of phase converter selection guidelines

About your machinery

Only one three phase machine

Multiple three phase machines

No motors

One motor

One motor & suds pump

Multiple motors

Questions about your circumstances

1. Three phase cheap to install or easy to move premises?

Yes = Install a three phase electrical supply at your premises or move to premises with three phase.

2. Are the motors easy to replace?


Yes = install single-phase motor unless high starting torque required.


3. Accurate speed control necessary?


Yes = consider a variable speed inverter drive if a package is available for your machine tool.


4. High starting torque or high speed required?


No = consider a static phase converter (but you will get better performance from a rotary converter).


5. All other cases.

It is probably most cost-effective to install a rotary phase converter.