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  • Product Warranty - Period
    We will respect your rights under English law regarding consumer protection, to the extent that this law is binding. The standard product warranty  period is two years for new products. We occasionally sell refurbished product (this will always be clear to you) and in that case the guarantee period may be shorter. This will be specified on the sales documentation that you receive. The guarantee period starts on the later of (1) the day you obtained the goods from a distributor or (2) the day that we dispatched the goods, provided that the total period covered can never be longer than three years after dispatch. An original purchase invoice must be produced upon request Ampair’s request. The guarantee period may be longer for some product lines and this will always be clear from the marketing and sales literature. 
  • Product Warranty – What is Covered?
    Our products are guaranteed against faulty manufacturing only. Our warranty covers the cost of components, materials and repair labour or the cost of replacement with an identical or equivalent product, always at the discretion of Ampair. Ampair reserves the right to determine if and to what extent failures are due to faulty manufacture. Ampair will carry out the inspection of the goods and their repair under the product warranty at its own  premises. The warranty applies to customers who have bought their product from Ampair directly or one of its distributors. An original purchase invoice must be produced upon Ampair’s request.
  • Product Warranty – What is Excluded?
    If you need to return the product to us for repair or replacement, the cost of sending the goods to Ampair are for your account. If the repair or replacement is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty Ampair will return the goods free of charge to a mainland UK address. If you have asked for the goods to be returned to a non-mainland UK address we will charge you for the return transport, but will deduct the reasonable cost of carriage of a similar consignment to a mainland UK destination. If we have agreed with you to carry out a repair on your site we will make a reasonable charge for transport between our and your premises, based on mileage and traveling time. We will take payment for any costs incurred that are not covered by the Product Warranty prior to returning or releasing the goods to you. To the extent that damage or failure is not due to faulty manufacturing the repair or replacement would not be covered under the Product Warranty and we will charge you for components, materials, labour and outbound carriage to return the product to you. 
  • Product Warranty – No Consequential Damages
    Consequential damages and loss of revenue suffered by yourself or others as a result of the use of our products, whether or not these were found faulty, are also specifically excluded from the Product Warranty.
  • Product Warranty – Restrictions
    Ampair limits the cost associated with its Product Warranty to twice the net amount you paid for the goods.
  • Product Warranty – Voidance
    The Product Warranty is void if you have used the product for purposes beyond its intended use or in excess of its specified capacity or if you or others have altered, repaired, tried to repair or tampered with it. 
  • Product Warranty – Suspension for Unpaid Invoices
    We will honour the Product Warranty provided you have made full payment of your purchasewithin the time line agreed for such payment, or indeed for any other payments that are overdue. We will explicitly not extend the warranty period with the period that you are in arrears.