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Booster™ Phase Converters

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On this page are outline specification tables for our Booster TM range of rotary phase converters. 

Underneath the tables there are a few paragraphs with more data. Follow the menu on the left to comments regarding applications for phase converters and prices including our best price guarantee. More detailed information is available by clicking on each product. If there is any other information you want, or if you are unsure as to how to interpret something then please contact us.

Booster™ Rotary Converters

In our opinion our Booster range of rotary converters are the best available from a UK manufacturer. They feature a 600% overload capability, electrically noiseless sealed solid state electronic switching, and a three-year guarantee***. Models of 3kW or less also feature a symmetric neutral as standard - the first time this has ever been offered in the world.

Booster™ Rotary Converters Maximum multi-motor loadª Maximum single motor loadª Min.
Dimensions (installed) Weight (installed) 220/240VSupply
Fuse or circuit breaker * Cable size*
  hp kW hp kW hp W x D x H, mm kg Amps mm2
Booster A 1.5 2.0 1.5 2.0 1.5 0.00 650 x 330x 310 36 13 A 1.5
Booster A 2.2 3.0 2.2 3.0 2.2 0.00 650 x 330 x 310 46 15 A 2.5
Booster A 3 4.0 3.0 4.0 3.0 0.00 650 x 330 x 310 50 20 A 2.5
Booster A 4 5.4 4.0 5.4 4.0 0.00 810 x 400 x 400 75 32 A 4.0
Booster A 6 8.0 6.0 8.0 6.0 0.00 810 x 400 x 40 95 40A 6.0
Booster A 8 10.7 8.0 10.7 8.0 0.00 810 x 400 x 40 130 50 A 10.0
Booster A 12 16.1 12.0 16.1 12.0 0.00 800 x 780 x 520 170 75 A 16.0
Booster A 16 21.5 16.0 21.5 16.0 0.00  800 x 780 x 520 215 100 A 25.0
ª Typical continuous duty load specifications. Actual specifications may vary slightly depending upon customer application - please contact us for advice.
*Supply breaker rating & cable sizes are the minimum with a good quality utility supply and a cable run of 20 meters or less.  Use 'C' or 'D' type circuit breakers or motor-rated fuses. We can advise on how to handle other circumstances.
** Details on application
*** Run capacitors should be replaced after one year running time as preventative maintenance.

All our components come from reputable suppliers who manufacture to international or British Standards, some of whom produce components to our unique designs and who have been working with us for decades. Our products comply with current EMC regulations and are built to specifications and standards that are within the EEC Electrical Safety Directives and carry the CE mark.

Our converters are housed in a powder-coated finish mild steel enclosure. Standard fittings include a safety switch/fuse (MCB); a 5 pin 16 Amp x 415 Volt socket; and a terminal block for hard wiring if required, e.g. in a 415 Volt ring main.  For the 12kW and 16kW machines driving the full rated load we propose hard wiring to the idle motor terminals.

All units are well labelled and supplied with installation and user instructions. Boost A-series converters can run at full load with balanced phases ± 10% from no-load to full load. We also offer the unique D series at extra cost with balanced phases ± 5% from no-load to full load; particularly aimed at passenger lift applications.

The size of the phase converter unit will normally depend on the HP or kW of the motor(s) or other loads to be run:

  • No motor larger than the rating of the converter must be used.
  • More than one motor may be run simultaneously from a Boost converter provided that the total multi-motor rating is not greater than the converter rating, e.g. a 3 HP motor will require a 4 HP converter; a 5 HP motor and a 4 HP motor may be run simultaneously from one 12 HP converter.