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Booster™ A 8

8 kW (10.7 hp)

Phase Converter 8KW

These medium sized Booster™ rotary single phase to three phase converters are probably the most advanced units available from a UK manufacturer and feature everything  a small workshop could want:

•Compact dimensions
•No user controls
•Fits under a workbench or on a shelf
•Robust lifting handles
•Both a three phase socket and three phase cable outlet as standard items
•One box design with internal motor on anti-vibration mounts
•Continuous use rating with no minimum load requirements

•Shipping £65 UK normal zones.
•Shipping £140 Scottish Highlands/Islands. Eire, Channel Islands and N.I.

£1,620.00 (ex. VAT)

These compact Boosters are probably the best medium sized rotary phase converters in the world.

They feature symmetric neutrals as a standard, offer 600% x 10 second overload capability, are rated for continuous use, and are ready to go 'out of the box' .

The motor is tucked away inside the well ventilated case on antivibration mounts which makes them that bit quieter. An easily accessible switch/fuse is on the front, next to the 415V x 5 pin socket and there are no other user controls.

On the back is the 220/240V inlet and a cable gland and terminal block so you can hard wire a 415V outlet to a 3 phase distribution board. They feature electrically noiseless sealed solid state electronic switching so swarf or debris cannot affect the converter, and so the converter will not create electrical interference.

They will run high speed 4250 rpm CNC machinery and just about anything else within their power rating.


Installed Weight130 kg
Shipping Weight140 kg
Installed Width810 mm
Installed Depth400 mm
Installed Height400 mm
Maximum multi motor load8 kW 10.73 hp
Maximum single motor load8 kW 10.73 hp
Minimum motor load0 kW
Input Fuse / MCB50 A
Input Cable6 mm sq.
Input Voltagetaps for 220 & 240 V AC are provided
Output Voltagetaps for 380 & 415 V AC phase to phase are provided
Nominal Maximum Working Current Input40 A
Nominal Maximum Working Current Output 14.4 A per phase at 0.8 power factor
Frequency50/60 Hz
Maximum Working Power Output8000 W
3-phase Output connector5 pin (L1, L2, L3, N, PE)
Guarantee Period3 years
NB: Single phase (230V) loads only use phase L3 to neutral

WARNING - If your required application is listed in red in the table below, special considerations must be made. Please click on the link to find out more.

Proven Applications


Pumps / Compressors
Corn dryers / Submersible pumps
Fans / conveyors
Hoists / Wine press
Grain mill / Olive oil processor
Slurry systems
Refrigeration units


Power hacksaws
Grinders / Drills
Lathes / Milling machines
MIG and TIG welders


Saws / Sanders
Spindle moulder
Edge benders / Dust extractor
Planner thicknesser
Copy lathe / Fans
Milling machines
Mortisser / Router


Car lifts
Wheel balancers
Brake testers
Hoists / Cranes
Spray booths


Mincers / Saws
Ice cream machine
Potato peelers / Dough mixers
Conveyers / Ovens
Packaging and shredding
Vacuum packers
Air conditioning & refrigeration


Printing machine
Folding machine
Stitching machine
Paper drills

We also supply phase converters for passenger lifts and ground source heat pumps but for these applications it is essential to obtain a full specification from the supplier, particularly the total electrical power requirement in kW at full load.

It is very important that you consider cable sizing as part of your purchase, the table below shows you what size cable you should use for your 240V and 3-phase cable runs for this Booster.

Cable length diagram

Cable A

MDB > Three Phase Converter

Cable Diameter (mm2)Maximum Length (m)

Cable B

Three Phase Converter > Machinery

Cable Diameter (mm2)Maximum Length (m)