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Air Source Heat Pumps - ASHP

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Air source heat pumps (ASHP) are becoming very popular and the larger units require three phase supply.

The problem is that heat pump suppliers like to show the average electrical power over a year so as to produce a COP (co-efficient of performance) of around 4 (heat output = 4 x electrical input).

However, the phase converter must be able to power the heat pump at all times, including worst case conditions.

It is ESSENTIAL to obtain from the supplier, in writing, signed by a responsible person, the MAXIMUM electrical input power, excluding momentary start-up conditions.

As this is the rating that is needed to in order to supply you with an adequately supplied Booster. Failure to do this will involve your Booster being potentially under-specified for the application causing it to fail.

Our warranty is void and we will not accept any returns if we have not received this signed statement from the manufacturer.

The phase converter is not designed for continuous unattended operation. If it is to be used continuously the warranty is void unless it is installed in such a way that it is started and stopped ‘on-demand’ by the load with a duty cycle of less than 50%.

When used in a critical application we recommend that they are installed in a 2 x 100% duty/standby configuration so that the site is unlikely to be left with a total system failure.

If you are in any doubt please call our technical team on 07572 532884 – please have as much information to hand as possible.