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Biomass Boilers

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Biomass boilers are becoming increasingly popular with most brands originating from Europe where three phase supply is common.  Biomass boilers typically comprise of a series of conveyors/augers to feed and expel the fuel.

When sizing a Booster is important to ensure that all single phase loads that are part of the unit can be taken from L3 to neutral or can be powered from a separate single phase supply, otherwise a delta-star transformer will be required as well as the phase converter.

The phase converter must be rated for the maximum power condition of the three phase load, if you are in any doubt, contact the manufacturer directly to establish what the maximum power condition is.

The phase converter is not designed for continuous unattended operation. If it is to be used continuously the warranty is void unless it is installed in such a way that it is started and stopped ‘on-demand’ by the load with a duty cycle of less than 50%.

When used in a critical application we recommend that they are installed in a 2 x 100% duty/standby configuration so that the site is unlikely to be left with a total system failure.

NOTE - We will only supply biomass boiler applications with a minimum of a 4 kw Booster.