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If you are planning on powering a three phase welder from a Booster you need to pay special attention to the information on the machines rating plates. In order to establish the maximum power requirement you must know:

  • The maximum weld current (I) in Amperes
  • The duty factor (D) in %.  

A welder rating plate will show this in the following form e.g. 200A @ 100%, 300A @ 60%, etc.

Once you have this data you need to perform the simple calculation

Power (watts) = 50 x I x (D/100)

So for a welder with rating of 300A @ 60%
I = 300
D= 60
Power = 50 x 300 x (60/100)
Power = 9000 W or 9kW

So you would need a Booster A12 as the Booster A8 is only rated at 8kW maximum.

If you are in any doubt please call our technical team on 07572 532884 – please have as much information to hand as possible.